Astrid - GRC GRP specialists

Based in Dubai, the business and logistics hub of the MENA region and the world, ASTRID OASIS MANUFACTURING LLC is ready to serve all your GRC and GRP needs. With our team of highly talented and experienced engineers,we have cost-effective solutions for a variety of your Structural and Decorative needs.

GRP products like architectural cladding, electrical enclosures, chemical tanks, Silos, self supporting roof structures, GRP Dome,GRP Lining, etc are our specialties. GRP is lightweight and has good thermal insulation properties. It has a high strength to weight ratio, making it useful for the production of a wide range of products . Astrid Oasis specializes in GRP water tanks, shower cubicles, shower trays, fibre glass stair-cases , security and other kiosks, meter boxes , FRP gratings, GRP cable trays and similar products.

Our GRP Work